Keeping you posted on weekly activities at RedDot BrewHouse

  • Kids' Cooking Class

    Kids' Cooking Class - every Sunday at RedDot BrewHouse Dempsey

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    Kids' Cooking Class

    Sign your little ones up for these kidscooking classes—they'll be whipping up something tasty at home in no time!

    Here is our curriculum for this year:

    05/03/2017 Stuffed Baguette
    12/03/2017 Cream Cheese Roll-ups
    19/03/2017 St. Patrick's Leaf-shaped Pizza
    26/03/2017 Lattice-topped Banana Pie
    02/04/2017 Spicy Italian Crescent Ring
    09/04/2017 Ciabatta Bread Pizza
    16/04/2017 Mini Chocolate Cake
    23/04/2017 Pizza Braid
    30/04/2017 Fruity Pie
    07/05/2017 Pepperoni Calzone
    14/05/2017 Apple Roses for MOM
    21/05/2017 Tiramisu
    28/05/2017 Buffalo Chicken Ring
    04/06/2017 Lattice-topped Apple-Cranberry Pie
    11/06/2017 Pepperoni Pizza Braid
    18/06/2017 Roses Apple Tart with Maple Custard
    25/06/2017 Pineapple Tart
    02/07/2017 Apple Pie
    09/07/2017 Caprese Garlic Bread
    16/07/2017 Love-shaped Fruity Pizza
    23/07/2017 Cinnamon Roll
    30/07/2017 Cookies Decoration
    06/08/2017 National Day Cake
    13/08/2017 RedDot Ham & Bacon Pizza
    20/08/2017 Roll Cake
    27/08/2017 Cake Pops
    03/09/2017 Curry Puff
    10/09/2017 Soft Bun
    17/09/2017 Bread Stick
    24/09/2017 Mini Cake
    01/10/2017 Eclair
    08/10/2017 Layered-Strawberry Cheesecake
    15/10/2017 Strawberry White Chocolate Smoothie
    22/10/2017 Cookies
    29/10/2017 Pumpkin Cheesecake
    05/11/2017 Cupcake
    12/11/2017 Roll-up Pizza Bread
    19/11/2017 Fruit Pops
    26/11/2017 Cookies & Cream Parfait
    03/12/2017 Cake in the Glass
    10/12/2017 Christmas Fondant Cake
    17/12/2017 Snowman Cake
    24/12/2017 Christmas Tree Cake
  • Speed Drinking Competition

    @Dempsey: Every Friday at 9.15pm and Saturday at 9.45pm
    @ Boat Quay: Every Friday at 9.30pm

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    Speed Drinking Competition

    @ Dempsey

    Every Friday at 9.15pm | and Saturday at 9.45pm

    @ Boat Quay

    Every Friday | At 9.30pm

    The winner of the Speed Drinking Competition will receive a Winner Crown, a Winner 1-pint Glass and a pint or a jug of beer of his choice. Join us for the coolest game in town!


    Speed Drinking Winners

    September 2016
    SP w3sep16 DS
    @Boat Quay

    August 2016
    SP w4aug16 DS
    @Boat Quay

    July 2016
    SP w4jul16 DS
    @Boat Quay
    SP w4jul16 BQ

    June 2016
    SP w4jun16 DS
    @Boat Quay

    May 2016
    SP w4may16 DS
    @Boat Quay
    SP w4may16 BQ

    April 2016
    SP w4apr16 DS
    @Boat Quay
    SP w4apr16 BQ

    March 2016
    SP w3mar16 DS
    @Boat Quay
    SP w3mar16 BQ

    February 2016
    SP w4feb16 DS
    @Boat Quay
    SP w4feb16 BQ

    January 2016
    SP w4jan16 DS
    @Boat Quay
    SP w4jan16 BQ

  • Live Band Performance

    @Dempsey: every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Brunch
    @Boat Quay: every Friday and Saturday

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    Live Band Performance

    RedDot BrewHouse

    @ Dempsey


    band wednesday DS
    From 7:45pm to 10:15pm
    Vocalist: Ken | Guitarist and Pianist: Riduan & Ryan


    band friday DS4
    From 8:30pm to 11:30pm | The Sopranos
    Vocalist: Pam | Guitarist: Dansen | Percussionist: Josiah


    band saturday DS5
    From 7:00pm to 9:45pm
    Vocalist & Guitarist: Jamiel & Nova | Percussionist: Gerald

    band saturday DS3
    From 10:15pm to 12:45am
    Vocalist: Diana | Guitarist: Chris | Percussionist: Gerald

    Sunday Brunch

    band sunday DS
    From 12pm to 2:30pm
    Family Band: Chris, Diana & Chantal



    @ Boat Quay


    band friday BQ5
    From 7:30pm to 9:15pm (Level 1)
    Vocalist: Diana | Guitarist: Chris

    band friday BQ6
    From 8:00pm to 10:15pm (Level 2)
    Vocalist & Guitarist: Daniel & Nova (bilingual)

    band friday BQ7
    From 9:30pm to 1:15am
    Vocalist: Jeremy | Guitarist: Sky | Percussionist: Jennifer 


    band saturday BQ4
    From 7:30pm to 10pm | Bilingual Band
    Keyboardist: Ting Hui | Vocalist: Hui Shan | Guitarist: Alvin 

    band saturday BQ5
    From 10:15pm to 12am | The Hashtags
    Vocalist: Nat | Guitarist: Travis | Percussionist: Josiah

  • Sunday Kiddies' Day

    Sunday is Kiddies' Day at RedDot BrewHouse @ Dempsey - every Sunday from 11am to 2pm

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    Sunday Kiddies' Day

    RedDot BrewHouse @ Dempsey

    Face Painting $5/$8/$12

    Small - $5, medium - $8, full face - $12

    Fish Catching $10nett

    Excite your kids in catching fish from the pond

    **inclusive of fish net and container**

    Art Class $12++

    Boost your kids' artistic talent, includes paint, brush & other art materials

    Kids Cooking Class $12++

    Explore your kids' cooking skills wearing their chef hats and aprons conducted by our own RedDot chef

  • Speed Drinking Competition


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    Speed Drinking Competition

    RedDot BrewHouse

    Speed Drinking Champions

    December 2015
    speeddrinking w2dec2015 DS
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking w2dec2015 BQ

    November 2015
    speeddrinking w3nov2015 DS
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking w3nov2015 BQ

    October 2015
    speeddrinking w4oct2015 DS
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking w4oct2015 BQ

    September 2015
    speeddrinking w4sep2015 DS
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking w4sep2015 BQ

    August 2015
    speeddrinking aug2015 DS
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking aug2015 BQ 4

    July 2015
    speeddrinking july2015 4
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking july2015 BQ 4

    June 2015
    speeddrinking june15
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking june15 BQ

    May 2015
    speeddrinking may15
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking may15 BQ

    April 2015
    speeddrinking april15
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking april15 BQ

    March 2015
    speeddrinking mar15
    @Boat Quay
    speeddrinking feb15 BQ

    February 2015
    speeddrinking feb15
    @Boat Quay (Jan & Feb)
    speeddrinking jan15 BQ

    January 2015
    speeddrinking jan15